Member Bios

CSAC members are an interdisciplinary group of campus staff dedicated to connecting employees with the Chancellor's Office

Susan HarrisSusan Harris


Joined CSAC because…“I am a relatively new staff member here at UCSB and I have been looking for ways to get involved outside of my own department so that I can learn more about what it means to be a staff member. CSAC seemed like the perfect way to meet people outside of my department and also to become involved in larger issues.”
Loves UCSB because “UCSB has always been a part of my life. As a kid growing up in Goleta it is where I took tennis and swimming lessons. Then I was a graduate student for many years, and now I am a staff member. I love that UCSB can mean so many things to different members of the larger Goleta/Santa Barbara community.”
Enjoys hiking, swimming, reading, knitting, baking
Favorite book is The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt

Brenda RuizBrenda Ruiz

South Hall Administrative Support Center

Joined CSAC because…“I want to be more involved within the UCSB Staff community. I want to be a part of the changes happening on campus. I also want to network and meet people across campus.”
Loves UCSB because “We have so many opportunities for growth and the campus is gorgeous!”
Enjoys hiking, beach, dancing.
Favorite book is The Four Agreements, the Power of One

Katherine AbadKatherine Abad

Human Resources

Joined CSAC because…“I wanted to be part of the change on campus. Being in HR as well as being a staff member, I believe I bring good insight to CSAC.”
Loves UCSB because “I grew up in this beautiful city and went to school at UCSB.”
Enjoys cooking and music
Favorite book is Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett

Jack BaileyJack Bailey

Professional and Continuing Education

Joined CSAC because…“I enjoy working with others to improve our workplace whenever possible”
Loves UCSB because “Loves UCSB because of its people, location, and opportunities”
Enjoys family, ceramics and tennis
Favorite book is anything by T.C. Boyle

Bryan CornetBryan Cornet

Intercollegiate Athletics Department

Joined CSAC because…“I would like to serve alongside my colleagues in helping UCSB continue its longstanding tradition as the best employer on the Central Coast.”
Loves UCSB because “We have the most beautiful campus in the UC system, right here in the community I grew up in, and am proud to call this home!”
Enjoys spending time with family, and dog Charlie. Also enjoys rooting on favorite teams, the San Francisco Giants and 49ers, and getting outdoors as much as possible.
Favorite book is anything by Hunter S. Thompson.

Mike CraigMike Craig

Materials Research Laboratory

Joined CSAC because…“I want to be more involved in UCSB issues. I also want to network and share my ideas with other members of the UCSB community.”
Loves UCSB because “the location, the environment and the people.”
Enjoys spending time with my dog, getting in a round of golf, or having some beers with friends.
Favorite book is A Storm of Swords.

Brenda Curiel Brenda Curiel

Educational Opportunity Program

Joined CSAC because…“I wanted to get more involved with supporting staff at UCSB. I also joined as I am interested in working with the committee on supporting staff morale and expanding professional development opportunities for staff.”
Loves UCSB because “Of the rich diversity and for many students and staff UCSB is seen as their Home Away from Home. UCSB strives to cultivate a sense of belonging and promotes a positive approach for providing support to students and staff. ”
Enjoys Spending quality time with family and friends. I enjoy the outdoors. I also enjoy opportunities when I can get involved with group fitness classes and hot yoga.
Favorite book is The Devil’s Highway by Luis Alberto Urrea

Kyle DetzKyle Detz

Joined CSAC because…“”
Loves UCSB because “”
Favorite book is

Andy DoerrAndy Doerr

Associated Students

Joined CSAC because…“I joined CSAC to be more involved with campus issues and to proactively address staff concerns. At the same time, I look forward to being part of producing events that celebrate staff and encourage more staff interaction across campus. I also represent Associated Students, which empowers students in a unique way and has traditionally had a representative on CSAC to add student perspectives to the committee’s work. Finally, having been on campus as both a graduate student and staff member for many years, I hope to help maintain the institutional memory of the group. ”
Loves UCSB because “I love UCSB because of the students and staff I’m privileged to work with every day. And because, in the time I’ve been here, UCSB has been transformed into the world class institution it is today, a place where cutting edge work is being done across many fields and where students are empowered to ask questions, take initiative, and work on what they’re passionate about. The UCSB experience is truly transformative and it’s exciting to be part of this ongoing process. The beachfront setting is pretty nice too! ”
Enjoys I enjoy hiking locally and beyond, travel to new places in the USA and internationally, playing music, a good read, family, friends, and watching my kids grow to be the wonderful adults they are, not necessarily in that order.
Favorite book is There are way too many for me to single out a favorite.

Charlie DuqueCharlie Duque

Joined CSAC because…“”
Loves UCSB because “”
Favorite book is

Andrea EllicksonAndrea Ellickson

Global Studies Department

Joined CSAC because…“I want to contribute to a positive and thriving campus community and provide a voice for staff on campuswide issues.”
Loves UCSB because “besides our beautiful campus, I'm excited for the opportunity to work with faculty, students and staff from around the world. I learn something new every day, and I enjoy helping build strong departments and programs.”
Enjoys hiking, traveling around the world, writing, beach runs with my dog, wine with friends.
Favorite book is always changing, but a few I enjoyed recently were Station Eleven, Where'd You Go, Bernadette, and The Astonishing Color of After.

Kelly ErlandKelly Erland

Academic Senate

Joined CSAC because…“my job allows me to think about how campus policies affect faculty and students, but I want to be able to delve into issues that affect myself and all of my fellow UCSB staff members.”
Loves UCSB because “I received my undergraduate and graduate degrees here, the community is amazing, and you can't beat the weather!”
Enjoys Reading, spin and barre classes, cooking, and trying out new food and drink spots around town.
Favorite book is And Then There Were None, Agatha Christie

Robyn FooteRobyn Foote

Writing Program

Joined CSAC because…“I want to be an advocate for the staff community and promote a positive working environment across campus. I'm excited to gain a better understanding of the issues on campus, possible resolutions, and meet other staff members who are looking to get similarly involved!”
Loves UCSB because “UCSB is my alma mater, it was my first home away from home and where I've made lasting friendships. The people are wonderful and the atmosphere is unlike any other college campus I've been too - it's social, fun, caring but also industrious and studious.”
Enjoys photography, photo editing, hiking, blogging, and painting. I spend most of my weekends photographing local nature spots, beautiful sunsets, and events around town!
Favorite book is A Song of Fire and Ice series, still waiting on The Winds of Winter to come out. Maybe one day.

Jenna HenryJenna Henry

Gevirtz Graduate School of Education

Joined CSAC because…“interested in becoming more informed and involved here at UCSB.”
Loves UCSB because “its location and atmosphere!”
Enjoys a day at the beach with my golden retriever, Blue. OR attending a live sporting event!
Favorite book is I'm going to say magazine instead and say, ESPN!

Becky HoffmanBecky Hoffman

Conference Dining & Catering

Joined CSAC because…“I want to make a difference on campus, contribute my ideas and knowledge to further UCSB's growth, and make new connections across campus!”
Loves UCSB because “it's my alma mater! I love the energetic vibe on campus and the focus on diversity and inclusivity. I also love taking advantage of all that the campus offers, like the noon music concerts and walking around campus point.”
Enjoys reading, singing, travelling, and eating
Favorite book is Too many to name. I really enjoy memoirs, humor, southern literature, most fiction.

Patty MakelaPatty Makela

Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor

Joined CSAC because…“I’d like to contribute to campus-wide initiatives that improve working environments for staff members, as well as build new working relationships with people from across campus.”
Loves UCSB because…“It’s my alma mater and I can walk to the beach on my lunch break!“
Enjoys…“traveling, baking, the beach, great food and wine, and spending time with my friends and family“

Katherine MoralesKatherine Morales

Academic Program Review

Joined CSAC because…“I want to know (more) about the common and even unique concerns of staff on campus.”
Loves UCSB because “it fosters a strong sense of community across campus, and is also my alma matter.”
Enjoys the beach, the redwoods, gardening, spending time with family, and pretending to be a food critic.
Favorite book is California Native Plants for the Garden, The Solitude of Prime Numbers, and One Red Dot

Hannah MorseHannah Morse


Joined CSAC because…“I wanted to be involved with CSAC to recognize and proactively address staff issues. It is an honor to be a representative of my fellow colleagues and to provide support to enrich team morale across campus.”
Loves UCSB because “The campus has so much to offer for students, faculty, and staff. The wealth of knowledge, opportunities for professional and personal growth, and the beach front campus are all pluses in my book.”
Enjoys spending time with friends and family, playing with my two cats (Coral and Mickey), swimming, scuba diving, sailing, hiking, and volunteering.
Favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee (great classic)

Jamie PillsburyJamie Pillsbury

Statistics & Applied Probability

Joined CSAC because…“I'm passionate about educational access and student success and I want the chance to help improve the areas where the institutional administration affects the quality of life and quality of education of the students. I'm particularly interested in how overall organizational structure of the institution helps or hinders student access and success.”
Loves UCSB because “This is a beautiful campus with a great community of students; I am the staff advisor for a few clubs and I love how passionate the students are for both life and learning. I've made a lot of great friends here and I'm excited to be a part of UCSB's growth and success.”
Enjoys hiking, reading, painting, exploring, playing board games with friends.
Favorite book is Oryx and Crake by Margaret Attwood

Devlin SeymourDevlin Seymour

Accounting Services

Joined CSAC because…“I want to help with staff issues.”
Loves UCSB because “I love Santa Barbara and I like working at a place where I can help world class research.”
Enjoys Beer brewing, skiing, and the ocean.
Favorite book is Dune

Ashley SumudioAshley Sumudio

Compensation Analyst in Human Resources

Joined CSAC because…“It will allow me to help create a more engaging, positive, and supportive university community for all levels of staff and focus on offering services, programs, and tools needed to balance work and personal commitments.”
Loves UCSB because “UCSB provides a friendly environment, beautiful campus, diverse community, and has a positive workplace culture.”
Enjoys All sports, painting, art, time with friends and family, breakfast, working out, woodworking, cooking, just to name a few.
Favorite book is Living Loving and Learning by Leo Buscaglia's

Kira WaltherKira Walther


Joined CSAC because…“I joined CSAC because I wanted to become more involved in Campus activities and participate in discussions about important issues that affect UCSB staff. Issues like improving work environment for staff, campus safety, and environmental topics.”
Loves UCSB because “What is not to love about UCSB? You can’t beat the weather or the view. I also love how diverse and interesting the population of UCSB is. You can always count on meeting someone from a completely different background. ”
Enjoys I enjoy spending time with my children and most of my activities are centered around them. Hiking, going for bike rides, walks on the beach. My favorite though is winter ski vacation that we take every year. I love year round sunny weather here, but I miss snow too.
Favorite book is “The Master and Margarita” by Mikhail Bulgakov. It’s a big part of my Russian heritage.

Katelynn EllisonKatelynn Ellison

Mechanical Engineering

Joined CSAC because…“I wanted to create a better network for myself on campus. Not only to create interpersonal connections with other staff members, but to also understand other departments on campus to better enhance staff, faculty, and student life. I also wanted to be more involved on campus, as well as learn and understand our decision-making processes better.”
Loves UCSB because “I have been on campus for over 8 years both as a staff member and student. UCSB is a second home to me, and I have done a lot of growing up here. UCSB is highly collaborative and I love that this creates such a great community on campus.”
Enjoys I love to travel! I have been to many countries around the world and have an ever growing list of places I want to explore next. I also enjoy kickboxing, you can find me at the gym during my lunch break. And of course having great food and drinks with family and friends.
Favorite book is Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult

Dyan WirtDyan Wirt

Gevirtz Graduate School of Education

Joined CSAC because…“I want to help support staff initiatives & improve morale”
Loves UCSB because “of the diverse interests and skills of everyone on campus”
Enjoys writing, reading, silver-smithing, silk dyeing, glass fusing, gourmet cooking, and traveling the world
Favorite book is Too many to count but would include: Moby Dick (Melville), Slapstick (Vonnegut), Four Seasons in Rome (Doerr), The Intrepreter of Maladies (Laheri), The Plague (Camus), Dispatches from Pluto (Grant)

Non-Voting Members

Julia Orr

Staff Assembly Representative

Erica Losada

Staff Assembly Representative

Farfalla Borah

HR Representative

Diane O’Brien

Staff Support